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Types of Bonds offered by SuretyKings

At SuretyKings, our focus is to provide the most adequate Surety Bonds to Canadian Contractors. Every bond we issue is tailored to the exact needs of the contractor/constuction company. Some of the things we place close attention to are bid bond requirements, CCDC standards, TAT when it comes to tender dates, & ultimately the price our client has to pay. We strive to provide an EASY & Hassle free experience to all our cleints. Let us show you why SuretyKings is the leader in the Surety Bonding space in Canada!

There are many Surety Insurance Companies in Canada. Click here to read about the markets!

Please find below the types of bonds we commonly provide. If your bond is not listed below, do not hestitate to contact us. To read about Turn around times (How long does it take to get bonds), click here.

Surety Bonds
Bid Bonds
Tender Bonds
Performance Bonds
Maintainence Bonds
Labour and Materials Bonds
Surety's Consent - Agreement to Bond
License Bonds